Rêve de Nav’ Day Tour Les Saintes Sailing Cruise Guadeloupe

Welcome to Rêve de Nav’ Day Tour Les Saintes and Sailing Cruises in Guadeloupe !

You like sensations, small Day Tour groups, participating to the activity, discover uncrowded places and Les Saintes archipelagos ? Rêve de Nav’ Cruises was design for you ! We welcome you on “L’inko”, our Jeanneau SunFast 37, 37 feet monohull starting from Rivière-Sens marina next to Basse-Terre in Guadeloupe French West Indies. We will enjoy sailing experiences taking place on one of most beautiful places in the world.

You get to choose :

With Rêve de Nav’ :

  • Initiate to sailing alongside our skilled skipper. If you like, you can maneuver and stir the boat. 
  • Sensations ; Sailing on a monohull is fun : gliding & leaning and an occasional splash !
  • Swim with your snorkeling gear above nice spots.
  • Collective Day Tour : A special day to Les Saintes with a small group (9 persons maximum)
  • If you want to go private, choose a Private Day Tour or a Participative Private and all inclusive cruise with 1 or more night on board.
  • Short Sunset cruise available privately or collectively.
  • Discover Les Saintes Archipelagos, Guadeloupe and it’s Islands in a genuine and special way.
  • Discover the life of mariners ! Grab a cold drink, jump in the water and visit a remote paradise island.
  • A fast boat designed for efficient sailing but still confortable.
  • Professionalism and pedagogy of your experienced skipper sailing alongside you.
  • Fresh local meals made out of fruits and veggies from the market, home made rhum punches and marmelades.
  • A sailing school that can teach you from initiation to autonomy.

Pratical Information :

  • We sail all year long and ou tours are almost never canceled because of the weather. The islands are always windy and rain we get on the way never last long.
  • Babies, Grannies and Grand Pa’s are welcome ! ; Babies’s parents should be confident with the sea, their body and their sensations. About Grand Dads’ and Mom’s, the should be a little adventurous !

Dare the adventure on the Caribbean Sea with Rêve de Nav’ !

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