Rêve de Nav’ cruises : Sailing school and Charter in Guadeloupe

Rêve de Nav’ is a sailing school based in Rivière-Sens near Basse Terre in Guadeloupe. We organize participative sailing cruises for absolute beginners as well as the more  discerning.
Professional teachers will provide a safe experience on a Jeanneau Sun Fast 37 for you, your family and/or your friends.  The boat will be exclusively to your disposal (except for the teacher(s) who will ensure that nothing is amiss). It is the ultimate all inclusive private cruise. We mostly sail around Guadeloupe’s coasts and Les Saintes islands. See all destinations here.

Dare the adventure on the Caribbean Sea with Rêve de Nav’ !

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This map represents Rêve de Nav’s favorite sailing locations. Guadeloupe and it’s dependencies, jewel of the lesser Antilles.

Possible sailing routes around Guadeloupe :
1 day : Sailing to les Saintes, on board meal while anchoring at Cabrit island, Pain de sucre or in front of the village.
2 days : Going to Les Saintes or Pigeon island and sleeping on board. We can start to initiate you in sailing a yacht.
3 days : Les Saintes. 2 nights on board around two different anchorages.  We  can start a more comprehensive introduction into sailing and take our time to visit the island thoroughly.
4 to 6 days : Les Saintes, Gosier island and Marie-Galante. We have enough time to stay longer on your preferred spot and  we  can suggest  some  land  excursions.  We  can  also  work  on  a comprehensive  learn-to-sail  programme  taking  into  account  your specific  needs…
7 days : All destinations available. Ideal program for both learning and discovering.

Good to know 1, 2 or 3 people : Airport Pick-Up and transfer to the boat included.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. Rêve de Nav’ is “A la carte” which means you can choose your number of sailing days and your destinations. Together we shall fulfill your sail project : Discovery, initiation or improvement.

Please check our agenda and contact us to book your cruising with Rêve de Nav’. All prices are listed here. Please, give us all details of your wishes. Welcome in the French West Indies !

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